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What do you mean Reality TV isn’t real!?!? Are you ready for this? It seems like one of the many fights on the Jersey Shore may have been staged! Which one exactly? The one in the second season where J-WOWW asks someone to hold her earrings. Angelina (the Staten Island dump) is still in the house if that helps.

Yeah I have trouble remembering exactly which fight this is too.

But apparently J-WOWW has disappearing and reappearing socks. Ok so it’s probably not so much staged as there’s judicious editing going on. Do you really think things happen in the order and timeline that they appear to happen in the show?

Remember in the third season with the whole Mike (“the snitch”) feeding the dogs a bunch of crap so that they poop all over the floor and the rest of the roommates come home all pissed off debacle? Something felt off about that sequence. The timeline was off and I could tell that editing was definitely going on there.

“Reality TV” isn’t real. That’s not really news.

So can we get back to discussing why intelligent people with more important things to discuss still like to watch this show!? I mean, why do I look forward to watching this crap!? And I have two ways to do it! Netflix and Hulu offer all of the seasons as a watch instantly pleasure!



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As a Librarian I make it my goal to know as much as I can about all sorts of media. I consume more books, movies, TV, and music than is healthy for a normal person. Add in a good amount of MMORPG gaming and you have the perfect recipe for me. I enjoy doing all of this with my husband in our theater style basement

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  1. theguybrarian

    Truly a sad state of affairs when we learn that “reality” is staged, although MTV has been doing it for so long it’s hard to tell. And truthfully, I don’t even think the audience WANTS to be shown the truth anymore. But Staten Island Dump?! PRICELESS.


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