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Will you be affected by Borders closing?

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Borders bookstores has called off the auction and has chosen to liquidate instead. The news is pretty unsurprising seeing as the chain has been battling different problems financially for several years. I think a lot of people have seen the writing on the wall.

But how much will the closing affect you? For me I don’t think it will bother me at all. I haven’t stepped foot in a Borders in quite a long time. I’ve always preferred Barnes & Noble even before I spent some time after college and during grad school working for them. I like their layout, their cafe, and something about the atmosphere always made me feel more comfortable. Borders sometimes felt like a warehouse to me. I also disagreed with some of their categorizations for certain books.

And now I have a Nook so I don’t have cause, really, to buy anything digitally from somewhere else. I still wouldn’t buy media from B&N though; it’s way overpriced (exception being when they have their buy two get one free sale).

I will go to Borders if they have an awesome clearance sale before closing, however!


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As a Librarian I make it my goal to know as much as I can about all sorts of media. I consume more books, movies, TV, and music than is healthy for a normal person. Add in a good amount of MMORPG gaming and you have the perfect recipe for me. I enjoy doing all of this with my husband in our theater style basement

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  1. theguybrarian

    Well, I personally believe that this will put even more pressure on public libraries to cater to these former book-buyers and browsers, but unfortunately, libraries are seriously strapped for the resources that a big chain has. B&N will continue to dominate, but ultimately fracture and implode under its’ own weight. The brick and mortar model may hold up for a few more years, but with the Nook leading the way, the way most folks (especially younger) acquire books in the future will quickly outstrip a bookstore’s ability to warehouse enough stuff.

    But really, OMG, we HAVE to get to a Borders, FAST!!!!

  2. I was thinking the same thing re: libraries. Anyone who wants to browse or check out a physical book is pretty much limited to B&N and the library – the library being the free option for physical and ebooks.

    As far as B&N imploding, I’m not so sure. You saw the last time we went in that they’ve now added more gift and games and other crap besides books. They may just change their focus so that physical books are their “thing” so much anymore.


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