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Reality killed the video star?

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One of the reasons I live without cable is because there is a lot of what I consider to be crap on TV. It’s really possible to spend all day flipping through stations and find nothing interesting to watch. When I worked a different work schedule I used to hang out at my mom’s house before work, who has digital cable, but I would end up using the on demand feature just to find an offering from one of the channels she subscribes to. I mean why wouldn’t I want to tailor what I watch? Take MTV for instance. Two stations stations most likely playing a show about pregnant teens or a rerun of the Jersey Shore.

Give me a sec while I grab my cane and put in my false teeth because back in my day MTV played music videos all day long! Even when they played reality tv (you know, “Real World” and “Road Rules”) you could still find music videos 95% of the rest of the time.

As the NY Times points out, MTV does still play music videos. Just…you know…at a time of the day when no one really watches. And although the article mentions the return of “120 Minutes” don’t mistake that for the channel celebrating it’s milestone birthday. It’s not. MTV is acting like a former prom queen that’s afraid of impending middle age. If 30 was still considered middle age. Come on MTV! Even if most of us don’t give a damn about your programming anymore (you know, except for having Jersey Shore as a very, very guilty pleasure that we never talk about) at least acknowledge that once-upon-a-time a large population of people grew up with you in our lives. It was a huge success for me when my family finally did get cable around the time I was 14 and I thought I was sooooo cool and could FINALLY watch MTV like a cool kid.

Maybe MTV is just too cool to celebrate it’s own birthday?

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