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There’s nothing on TV

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We have 200+ items on our Netflix queue. We pay for Hulu +. We own a whole bunch of DVDs. My husband and I work at two separate libraries that each have access to two separate consortium’s worth of media. Yet I still get the “there’s nothing on TV” feeling.

It happens every now and then. We were doing good for a while. Netflix uploaded new seasons of “American Pickers” and “Pawn Stars” and so we had new episodes to watch every night. But we finished “Pawn Stars” and we’re just about down with “American Pickers.” I’m trying to savor the end. We did discover that the “Dresden Files” is on there. That series kind of became a topic in our house because my husband brought home the graphic novel as a cursory introduction to the series to see if it would be worth getting into. The show is pretty good, but again, I don’t want to blow through it because Sci Fi (surprise, surprise) only gave it one season.

So now we’re back to the “what do you want to watch”

*sigh* “I don’t care. You pick something.”

Conversation each night. Sometimes that leads to a fairly decent movie staring Sandra Oh about the end of the world (“Last Night”) or it leads to a terrible 80s made for tv remake of “War of the Worlds”

So there you go. You’re not immune to finding nothing to watch on TV. I do find, however, that Netflix watch instantly is better for TV shows than movies. For me anyway. The same is definitely true for Hulu. I never even look at their movie offerings. Actually the majority of stuff on our queue is stuff my husband added and it’s movies I really have no interest in watching. He used to have a whole day of the week to himself to watch terrible movies and then tell me about them. Now there is no way I’m going to watch “Human Centipede” or “Lost Boys 2.”


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As a Librarian I make it my goal to know as much as I can about all sorts of media. I consume more books, movies, TV, and music than is healthy for a normal person. Add in a good amount of MMORPG gaming and you have the perfect recipe for me. I enjoy doing all of this with my husband in our theater style basement

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