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Wasn’t I just talking about this?

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I swear I’ll write about something and then the next day I’ll read about it somewhere else. Ok so I didn’t talk about “American Pickers” specifically, but it is definitely a favorite show of mine. And now the NY Times as done a piece about the show with a focus on Mike Wolf.

I love this show. It’s interesting and informative. It’s good TV. One of the things I like to do when watching it is figure out how the show is made. What order were things done in? Obviously things are staged and producers have to get in there to pave the way; to let people on “freestyles” know that these two guys with a camera crew are going to be rolling up asking to look at their junk. And after picking in Kentucky and Michigan and Illinois do they then really return to Iowa so quickly? Only to return back on the road to go all the way out to some place like North Carolina and Georgia?

Hey, maybe those will be questions answered in American Pickers Guide to Picking!

American Pickers is a Watch Instantly on Netflix! It’s so worth adding to your queue!


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  1. Also this nice article from the Nashville Scene, written by the author of the American Picker’s Guide to Picking, Libby Callaway:

    But yeah, it IS a good show, but there are others.Don’t make me add Human Centipede 2!


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