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He, too, was my first TV crush

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Why isn’t Home Improvement a Watch Instantly on Netflix? It seems like the perfect show for it? It seems like one of those shows that, when browsing through what is available to watch I would stumble across it and exclaim “I remember this show! I’m so adding it to the queue!” Maybe I’d get through a season or two before the nostalgia wore off. Or maybe it actually hold up. Who knows.

This article on Pop Watch does, however, exactly express why I loved the show so much when it first aired. A little bit of lust for JTT and a little bit of love for just all around how good the show was. Plus my dad was the type of guy who did home improvement projects around the house. It wasn’t a rare sight to see him with a tool belt on during the weekends so Tim Taylor kind of reminded me of him. Watching Tim and Jill was like watching a better and funnier version of my parents marriage.

Obviously if you weren’t a girl growing up in the 90’s you’re not going to relate in any way to the JTT fever. But there’s always Pam Anderson.








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As a Librarian I make it my goal to know as much as I can about all sorts of media. I consume more books, movies, TV, and music than is healthy for a normal person. Add in a good amount of MMORPG gaming and you have the perfect recipe for me. I enjoy doing all of this with my husband in our theater style basement

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  1. I was NOT a girl growing up in the ’90s, but I DO remember Home Improvement. I have to admit, I was not very attracted to JTT, in fact, I found him annoying. In fact fact, I found the whole show annoying. I think if it wasn’t for Pam Anderson, not a single teenage boy would have watched this show. Thanks Pam!


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