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Netflix: ignoring customers? doing what’s best for them? both?

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Netflix apologized for the price hike, but then followed up by announcing a split in service. Traditional mail DVDs will remain as Netflix, but streaming service will now belong to a new website called Qwikster.

My first reaction to this news is….why? I can’t figure out the reasoning behind this move. Is this just an attempt at rebranding? If it is, well, “Qwikster”? Really? That is a truly terrible name. That isn’t a name that grabs me. Who did your market testing? Who did you run that name by?

Netflix…Qwikster…whatever…is pretty determined to wean us all off of DVDs. First there was the price hike and separating of plans. That caused quite the stir two months ago. And it resulted in losing half the company’s market value. Now the company is forcing people to use two different websites if they want both services. It’s pretty inconvenient – the opposite of what you should be striving for as a business. But like I said, Netflix really seems set on forcing people into the streaming age.

The problem? (and many people have pointed this out) Netflix’s catalog on the digital side is kind of lacking. I’ve complained about this before. Once I’ve gone through the stuff I’ve wanted to watch I’m left with the crap we’ve added to the queue but don’t totally have a vested interest in watching. So I have that “there’s nothing on TV to watch” feeling.

I can applaud Netflix for wanting to drag people into the 21st century where we should be pushing our technology forward. But maybe they should have timed it better; timed it for when they had a totally kick ass catalog of stuff that they could have pimped out. After they’ve made deals with all the major networks and studios and said “CHECK THIS OUT BITCHES! You want the latest ‘Harry Potter’? GOT IT! You want to watch lame ass shows like ‘The Mentalist’ or something? GOT IT!” That’s when people would have switched over to all digital. Also by then maybe more people would have had the capability to watch streaming more comfortably in their households.

Just because my husband and I have a PS3 and can stream Netflix (er…Qwikster?) to our TV doesn’t mean everyone can. Actually, my in-laws really do want to stream Net…Qwick…whatever on their TV but can’t because of compatibility issues. I forget if it’s the laptop or the TV that’s missing a component, but basically the two can’t talk to each other. So they miss out. Just because you can stream the service to a computer doesn’t mean people want to sit at their desks and watch. That’s not comfortable or convenient. People don’t watch TV that way, and they won’t want to pay for that. Especially when a large amount of people still pay for cable AND this service. They’ll drop the extra service first.

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  1. Guh. Muthafrakin’ NEEEETFLIIIIIIIIIX! (scream a la Kirk does Khan) So they are unbundling, splitting the streams so that I now have 2 silos instead of one and have to check BOTH places for redundancies, rebranding (have to change my bookmarks now) and willing to sacrifice tons of customers which means less money to buy content? I have been with them from the early days, but how to love something that just refuses to be lovable? I understand that Qwikster is going to try their hand at game rentals, and I was just commenting last night that I wanted to get back to playing games and not having to buy them for the privilege, but c’mon Netflix, way to f**k up. I get it; streaming is the future, the DVD is dead, long live the DVD, yadda yadda yadda. But Netflix is really making some blunders: they are getting backlash over expanding their physical headquarters, the fact that they don’t even own the Qwikster Twitter feed, and that members jumping ship is hurting their ability to purchase content, which in turn makes people leave, which then hurts their bottom line, ad infinitum.

    But even though all of this hassle is a major pain in the a**, I REFUSE to go back to cable. There is NOTHING for me there.

  2. I think, simply put, its much easier to sell off the part of your company that you no longer want if its an entirely separate company. Thats why they put no effort into coming up with a good name… Qwikster sounds not only ridiculous, but also is already owned by a pot smoking stoner on Twitter. Its already a bad sign when a stoner kid is already holding up your social media progress…


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