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Can the Kindle Fire help bring about a la cart cable?

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This past week Amazon announced some exciting news regarding the Kindle. I guess “the Kindle” isn’t the term to use anymore now that there is practically a fleet of them. Aside from a cool touch Kindle similar to the newest Barnes & Noble Nook, they also announced the Kindle Fire. A lot of people are calling it an iPad killer. I don’t really want to see the iPad dead, but I do want to see the prices of costly tablets take a nose dive.

Techland went so far as to hypothesize that the Kindle Fire will help pave the way for a la cart cable.

“Cable operators are feeling the heat. Comcast and Time Warner, the two largest operators, have reportedly lost 1.2 million cable TV subscribers in the 12 months ending June 30. Many of these are said to be “cord cutters” who prefer the flexibility of online video, such as Amazon Instant Video, which lets them choose a la carte what they want to watch whenever and wherever they want.

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With so many viewing options out there, I agree with Techland that the viewer is going to win out. Let’s hope that the Kindle Fire does have the effect that Techland seems to think it will; even if Amazon and Bezos didn’t intend for that to be the result.



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  1. Once again, we are *barely* ahead of the curve.


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