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The good news? “Up All Night” has been given a whole season. The bad news? So has “Whitney”

I’m sorry, what? Has NBC even watched their own show? It’s awful and unfunny.

But let’s focus on the good. If you’re an “Arrested Development” fan then this is old news. But for anyone who hasn’t heard, AD is getting a short season and a movie!!! HELLZ YEAH! I’m super excited to see what the Bluth’s have been up to in the past 5 years. From the sounds of it, a lot and it’s not good (but probably hilarious).

Also pretty awesome is new new Fox show “Terra Nova.” Maybe you caught the 1 hour and 45 minute long pilot? If not, go check it out on Hulu right now! I’m not a big dinosaur person. I mean the science in how they are discovered and dated and how their physiological aspects are reconstructed is pretty cool. But…. yeah, they just don’t fascinate me. “Terra Nova” does a great job at making me care though because they are a very real threat to the characters. They’ve been brought back in time to a point where they will co-habitate on the same planet with these beasts, yet there is so much to be discovered. Example: this week’s episode. The whole concept is cool and the production value is super high (what do you expect with Spielberg at the helm?). So why was it so surprising that the ratings would stay high for this show? Well produced SciFi is really popular right now.

I mean come on. What else are you going to watch? Not “The Playboy Club.” That crap has been CANCELLED!

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