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Is Xbox helping to bring the end of cable?

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It’s been reported that Xbox live is being redesigned to offer access to a wide variety of providers such as Verizon FiOs, Comcast xfinity, and HBO.

It’s an interesting move, and I hope it gets more people to consider cutting the cord. As the EW article says, “The modern television-navigating experience is awful. You know it. Your parents know it. Steve Jobs knew it. The American television landscape is dominated by a few cable providers which run on frail operating systems that are basically just less charming versions of the Prevue Channel. ” So why deal with it when you can select very specifically the content that you want to watch – and pay for only that content?

If you’re in the mood for some eye rolling, read down to the comments of the EW article. They are as enlightening as ever. Some people still don’t get how paying for cable is different than pay for the internet (which is all you need to take advantage of something like what Xbox is offering, or to use Hulu and Netflix on a PS3 like I do).

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  1. Looking into them, I think part of their deal is that in order to USE the XBox services, you have to be subscribed to Verizon/Comcast/HBO to begin with. So it isn’t so much as a cable alternative, its more like they’re just offering the ability to watch their programming through your Xbox. You still have to own the cable service in the first place, and then an Xbox gold membership on top of that.

  2. Ahh, thanks for the clarification. I don’t particularly want to own an Xbox because I would have to pay more than for just the machine.

    Is it just me, or does it seem redundant for them to offer Verizon/Comcast/HBO when you are already paying for it and can already watch them through cable?

  3. Well, whether through Xbox OR your cable box, you still have to buy-in for extras like HBO, etc. SO I wonder after it is all said and done what the total bill would look like, and if one would save any money. I am still pretty pleased with Hulu+ and Netflix, with a subscription from Amazon thrown in the mix, although I am thinking if Amazon Prime offered everything those other 2 did plus had a dedicated app, I’d make the switch today.
    I DO like the idea of Xbox (or ANY box) creating a unified platform to aggregate ALL THE THINGS, plus voice command is totally rad!

  4. Yeah it’s a real shame that Amazon doesn’t have the same stuff Hulu does. Plus their app through Yahoo sucks.


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