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Save Greendale, part 2

I realized last night as I was watching the latest “Community” episode that I always have a huge smile on my face when watching this show. Last night’s episode (where they parodied “Glee” so perfectly) was no exception.

Haven’t seen “Community” yet? Afraid you won’t get it when you do try to watch? Good news! You can catch up on Hulu!! While practically everything is on hiatus for the winter this would be the perfect time to catch up…and then start Tweeting #savegreendale to send the message that no one wants this show cancelled except for the stupid suits at NBC!

I mean…c’mon! Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) raps in this episode!



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As a Librarian I make it my goal to know as much as I can about all sorts of media. I consume more books, movies, TV, and music than is healthy for a normal person. Add in a good amount of MMORPG gaming and you have the perfect recipe for me. I enjoy doing all of this with my husband in our theater style basement

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