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Dragon*Con 2012

Dragon*Con 2012 was pretty epic. Starting Thursday late afternoon-evening there some pretty awesome costumes to be spotted including one of my favorites: Epic Mealtime. My husband and I grabbed a couple drinks (way overpriced – next year we’ll bring our own) and set to people watching.

Speaking of drinks, a popular shot was turned into a cocktail drink that we both ended up falling in love with. It’s called a dragon bomb and it’s basically Bacardi Dragonberry vodka and Red Bull. Super awesome!

Everywhere you looked there were amazing costumes. The popular ones for this year were the 11th Doctor, female versions of Loki, TARDIS dresses, and steampunk anything. We noted that more older people opted for steampunk outfits. Adventure Time was another popular one, but mostly just Finns and a few Fionas. I did see a couple good Marceline’s thrown in there as well.

Panels were great too. I went to far more panels this year than I did in ‘08. I actually opted to stay in my room and watch a couple on DC*TV that I knew would be packed full of people (Torchwood, BSG, and True Blood). Watching on the TV obviously isn’t quite as fun as being there in person, but it was still pretty neat. It would have been even better if DC*TV wasn’t having so many audio problems!

Best panel for me by far was with Jonathan Frakes and Michael Dorn (From Star Trek: The Next Generation). Both have done enough of these things to be old hands at it. They’ve done so many of them that they just relax, have fun, and take turns making fun of the audience. They developed a way to get people asking ridiculous or long questions to shut up: sing! I sense a record deal in the works…

We stayed in the Westin which was…ok. It wasn’t spectacular (although our view from the 58th floor was). There was a lot of construction noise that would wake us in the mornings, the bed was super uncomfortable, and you either walk out of the shower into the toilet or step on the door stop.

Before the convention was even over we had decided that we’re going back next year!

We took some pictures, but honestly we didn’t get nearly enough costumes captured. Definitely check out the Facebook page for Dragon*con or the Facebook page for photos from Dragon*con.



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  1. Insert some pics! But yeah, I agree with this post WHOLEHEARTEDLY!


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