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When one season ends…

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If you want to call me a Whovian go ahead. I’ll gladly accept the title. I’ve been a fan since around 2008 and I haven’t been able to get enough since. The problem is that since cutting cable it isn’t easy to stay current. For most shows I don’t mind, but this is definitely one of my favorite shows of all times I’m talking about here. It’s also incredibly hard to avoid spoilers. So I get around this by having my in-laws DVR it for me. I cram in about 3-4 eps at a time when I can.

This past weekend I watched the last three episodes of the season.

Wow. I’m a little speechless. I knew Steven Moffat would take the show in a different direction, but he’s taken it to a whole other level than it was at from the previous season. At least he’s keeping it fresh….and really, really spooky. That whole thing with the 80s/”The Shining” hotel was wicked creepy.

My mind is still kind of reeling and digesting the season. Splitting it up was kind of weird, and the way I watch it broken up even more makes it even harder to take it all in. I can’t wait to get the entire box set so that I can spend a whole week just reveling in all that is The Doctor. And yes, I do watch the “Doctor Who Confidential” bonus features. You should sign the petition to save that show!

But when one show ends, another one begins. My in-laws also DVR “Dexter” for my husband and I to watch. We caught up on the first two episodes. The first episode of the new season felt like a reboot and a nice reintroduction while the second felt like a second first episode of the season. Midway through the second episode I remarked how I already like this season better than the last. No more Rita no more Lumen. It’s back to Dexter being Dexter. The show feels like it’s gotten back to it’s core with the added bonus of a really great theme for Dexter to chew over. Oh and Deb is the new Lieutenant.

The Hunger Games: A commentary on our reality TV habit?

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I finished The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins the other day. I began the book by listening to it on audio cd on a road trip last weekend and finished it up via the book I bought at the Borders clearance sale. The audio version is really good and pretty nice to listen to. My only complaint is the way the reader says the name Haymitch. It sounds more like “Haymish.”

Looking at the reviews on Amazon, I know there are a lot of complaints that this book borrows a bit too much from the Japanese Battle Royale. That series also has teens fighting to the death in a dystopian society. Beyond that I can’t really comment because I haven’t seen it (although I will). I wouldn’t say Collins plagiarized. Doesn’t a lot of Sci Fi and Fantasy borrow from each other? The plot of the Hunger Games doesn’t have identical characters to Battle Royale as far as anyone has said, just a similar plot. Fighting to the death, fighting for survival, controlling overlords who pull our strings in a post-apocalyptic world are not new themes in this type of literature. So therefore we have to look at The Hunger Games on its own.

I liked Katniss as a character. But then again I’m a sucker for a strong female character. And a strong female character that teens can look up to? Fantastic! She isn’t likable 100% of the time, but no character is. She isn’t even liked by all the characters in the book. Haymitch is meant to be on her side (and he is in his own way), but the two of them are like two strange cats shoved into a closed room. The problem with Katniss is her manipulation of Peeta. You either hate her for it because you can’t understand how she could be so oblivious to his real feelings or you admire how she has such determination and intelligence to play to the audience. I have the feeling this problem, this manipulation, will play out into the next book. Will Katniss come to really love Peeta? Will she have played at loving him that she fools herself into actually doing it? Or was it all just for show after all?

At the heart of the matter is the fact that all of The Hunger Games was played out in front of an audience. I feel like Suzanne Collins was making a statement on how we, as a modern day audience reading her book, also watch lives unfolding in front of us on TV day in and day out. And that has a real effect on the people who are being filmed. Case in point? Russel Armstrong, the estranged husband of one of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” wives committed suicide recently. Keeping up with the extravagant lifestyle of a Beverly Hills family got to him. When he went into debt it was too much and he felt that the show was going to portray him in a negative light. We gobble up these “reality” shows. J”ersey Shore”, “16 and Pregnant”, “Real Housewives”, etc. It’s our new entertainment. I really kind of wish Collins had expanded on the conversations people were having after the survivors came out of the arena. She touched on something there. Katniss went through an ordeal. But to everyone else all they could remember was where they were and what they were doing when they saw her brush death, or lose a friend. Kind of like us now. I wish this fueled Katniss to anger.

Maybe it will. I haven’t read the second book (no spoilers, please!). I hope she gets ripping pissed at The Capitol. I would be!

The Hunger Games will be a movie pretty soon. Entertainment Weekly posted some pictures not that long ago.

Let’s hear it for Picard

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Netflix has finally added Star Trek: The Next Generation to watch instantly. I say finally not because I was waiting impatiently, but my husband was. So now I get to experience TNG with a true fan. It’s an interesting experience. Watching any show years after it premiered/concluded means that there is always the potential for already knowing spoilers. It’s a little bit different when your husband has to stop himself from spilling all of the shows secrets just because a Ferengi crossed across the screen. But it’s definitely a lot more fun to watch a show with someone who really loves it versus watching it alone. So far we’re about 20 episodes in (5 left in the First Season). I’ll admit it took a few episodes for me to get into it, but now it’s practically a must that we watch at least 1 episode a night.

I really wanted to write a post on TNG, but I had no idea where to go with it. I mean, there’s so much to cover in the first season alone. I really like the dichotomy of technology (they use tech all the time, yet in several episodes people misuse technology to their detriment or it’s technology that makes things to haywire). I also find the show’s episode structure pretty interesting. It’s very rare that we see an A and B plot; usually it’s just an A plot or the A plot has directly influenced a B plot. And of course they is tons to be said about individual characters. I especially like Data and Wes. But I think for this first post on TNG I’ll talk about the greatest character on the show – Jean-Luc Picard

Doesn't he just exude confidence?

You know that line in Weird Al Yankovic’s “White and Nerdy”

The only question I ever thought was hard/ was do I like Kirk or do I like Picard

I think I have my answer. While both Kirk and Picard both have a commanding presence and exude a definite “man in charge” attitude, I think there is one thing that sets Picard out as being a captain I would trust. Kirk was always part of the away team. When trouble was going down, he was right there on the front lines. That’s cool if you like your captains rough ‘n’ tumble, but I like that Picard knows he is the man in charge and needs to stay on the bridge looking over everything. That’s why he sends Riker to lead his away teams. Risking your life when you’re the captain is just foolish! You know, in my opinion.

And where Kirk was pretty much the man-whore of the galaxy, Picard doesn’t give his himself away easily (emotionally or physically). It makes him seem more stoic I suppose. And yes, I also like that Picard is more academic where Kirk was physical. I guess I value brains over brawn. Plus Patrick Stewart is pretty effing awesome!

But, really, I’m just one voice in many. And while I like the show, I’m not ready to call myself a Trekkie yet.