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Looking for a good SciFi flick?

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I remember “The Adjustment Bureau” coming out. I just don’t remember much promotion for it. I don’t remember anyone saying anything noteworthy about it. No one recommended it to me. I don’t remember reading any blog posts about it. Part of the problem is that SciFi isn’t that hot right now. People are more attracted to Fantasy/Horror. The same is true across all mediums right now. As a Librarian I’m seeing the trend in books as well.And as a Librarian I really should remember to pimp my own profession a little bit now and then. I talk about Hulu and Netflix and Amazon all the time, but this weekend my husband brought home two great movies from his own library (it’s great having two Librarians from two different library systems in the house. We get great selection).

On Sunday (aka. the day when we’ve reached the end of all our required watching. The Hulu queue is empty and we’ve watched whatever has come in the mail from Netflix) we watched “The Adjustment Bureau” and “Blindness.” Both are SciFi and both will blow. your. mind.

“The Adjustment Bureau” is the most recent film and it stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt plus that guy from Mad Men (no not that guy, that other guy. That less famous guy). It’s based on a Philip K. Dick short story. But unlike “Minority Report” or “Blade Runner” I really liked this movie. Also unlike those other films, it ended on and upbeat note. I won’t spoil it for you though. However, like “Minority Report” and “Blade Runner” there is a sense of urgency and danger. There’s also a lot of running. It’s to be expected. The cinematography is amazing. Seriously, kudos to the film editors. They did outstanding work. And I know there are a few world class actors in this movie, but Mat Damon sometimes gets on my nerves. This time he did a great job. The acting by everyone is really well done.Is everything just fate? Or do we make our own?

“Blindness” is from 2008 and my husband had seen it before and felt it was worth another viewing for him and worth introducing it to me. It stars Mark Ruffalo, Julianne Moore, and Danny Glover. The basic premise is a contagion spreads throughout a city causing “white blindness.” It’s sudden and it spreads quickly. The first infected people are put into quarantine. Mark Ruffalo plays an eye doctor and Julianne Moore is his wife who pretends to have the blindness in order to go into quarantine with him. She then ends up leading all of the blind people around; taking care of them and looking after them. This ends up being harder than it sounds. The situation disintegrates into a post-apocalyptic like scene with people acting accordingly. It gets grisly and uncomfortable to watch. It really makes you think about human nature.This movie has a lot of quiet moments coupled with brutality which in turn is coupled with introspection. Nothing like a good SciFi scenario to make you examine human nature, right?

Putting movie theaters in malls is dangerous!

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Just a few things we picked up

My husband and I went to the theater on Friday night to see the new Harry Potter movie. That theater just happened to be right in the middle of a large mall. Whoops! We had some time to kill before the start of the movie….and afterwards. This particular mall happened to have both a Newbury Comics and a going out of business Borders. Cue the devilish grin. We didn’t go as crazy as we could have because, well, we have a mortgage and various other bills to pay. But I was pretty happy with our haul. Particularly with the Buffy lunchbox as seen above. That was made as part of a deal so that my husband could get a Magic: The Gathering 2012 Core Set Intro Pack (black/blue if you’re curious).

The Borders in this mall had much better deals. We think it’s because the rent that they’re paying is much higher and they’re going to close faster than the location we went to previously. 40% off blu-ray!!

So anyway, we saw HP7 part2. Do you really need my review? I mean I think everyone has pretty much summarized it and said it’s teh awesome. I need to reread the book. Maybe re-watch part 1 because they really just jump in there and I reaaaallly don’t remember much from the book or much how the first film left off.

I will say this: if you can (and I know it can be pricey) try and see it 3D on IMAX. It’s amazing! I saw Order of the Pheonix on IMAX as well and thought that was great. Only part of the film was 3D because the technology just wasn’t there yet, but seeing it in that size was so cool. So I knew that this film with it’s action and fight scenes would be even better.

*sniff* end of an era

Super 8

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I was really unsure about seeing Super 8. It’s not that I’m not a fan of J.J. Abrams or Steven Spielberg; I’m absolutely a fan of both. It’s just that the movie’s plot was really obscure. I had no idea just what type of movie I was getting into.

I mean was it horror? Suspense? Action? Turns out it’s pretty much all three. A trifecta of awesome. And that’s coming from someone who really doesn’t usually watch and enjoy creepy suspense movies.

The approach that Abrams takes with this movie is a very Jaws-like approach; you don’t see the monster until late in the film. He’s obscured by signs, trees, and deceptive camera angles. And why would Abrams want to introduce us to the main threat early in the film? All the suspense would be gone. Instead we’re treated to interesting lighting, great character reactions, and tight close ups.

But I really have to take a minute to talk about the acting. The kids they cast to play in this film are pretty amazing. With so many action scenes, acting against (what I’m sure is) a green screen, and then a scene later getting emotional can’t be easy for someone who hasn’t done this a couple times before. I’m sure these kids are naturals, but you also have to give credit to their director.

I’m pretty sure Super 8 is almost on its way out of theaters (it was released June 10) so if you really want to see it on the big screen (and I recommend you do) go soon! They’re going to have to make room for all of those extra showings of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.