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NY Times compares/contrasts #Netflix and #Hulu

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I’m experimenting with putting hash-tags in my title because these posts are getting bounced to Twitter.

I love the Amazon app. I’ve probably spent more money on entertainment because of it, but it’s still super handy. Breaking Bad, Portlandia, Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Adventure Time, and so many other shows I can watch the day after they air on my TV via the PS3. I also own a Kindle Fire. I mentioned that this week I am going to Dragon*Con so I am in the process of selecting a couple movies to put on the device so I can watch on the plane.

But, Netflix does still seem to trump Amazon. I definitely wouldn’t consider dumping Netflix for Amazon Prime (which I don’t subscribe to).

I guess it all comes down to your preference and what you prefer to spend money on. But, do take a look at this article for a nice breakdown of what devices play which service, how much each catalog holds, and which app just works better.

I would consider and Amazon Prime account but….

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So the Amazon widget is finally working on my TV again. It magically fixed itself Wednesday morning. Or maybe Amazon fixed it? I called them Tuesday evening after finally having enough of not being able to watch the content I was paying for. I had tried calling them previously, but my call was disconnected. No one had any answers for me, but I was promised they would look into it and would email me when they figured it out (sometime in the next two days). I’ve still to hear back from them. But, I can watch the shows I’ve paid for so that’s ok.

Now today a Librarian in the  Library system I work in sent out an email alerting us to the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library that Amazon is rolling out. I think this is pretty neat. The whole Amazon Prime deal is sounding like a great investment. I buy a lot from Amazon over the Holidays and 2 day shipping is always appreciated (it’s great any time of the year). If the Kindle Fire proves to be so totally awesome I may want to buy one, and with a Prime account it would be so worth it. If the NY Times bestsellers that they add for free are actually quality reads then, yeah, this is a really sweet deal.

But the real reason why I’m not jumping on this yet is because of what just happened with the Instant Video on my TV. Until Amazon has an app like Hulu and Netflix available on the Samsung TV (it’s not likely it will be on the PS3 in my opinion because they sell their own TV shows and movies) it will be unstable. I blame Yahoo! for the widget’s failure. Hulu and Netflix do go glitchy every now and then, but never for two weeks at a time. And they’ll always have an answer for you. Amazon had no idea what was going on. It’s because they’re going through another party to host their Instant Video.

So until I’m going through Amazon directly for their own content will I even consider a Prime account worth it.