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The ratings game

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NBC’s Entertainment Chair gave a speech to TV Critics the other day. In it he said the following:

“Did you see the ratings?,” he asked about the show, which was often pulling a mere 1.0 rating in the adult demo on Friday night. “That rapid fanbase going crazy on the net didn’t come to the show. Chuck‘s time had come. Chuck is over, let’s alert the masses.”

Note: I copied this from Entertainment Weekly. I believe that “rapid” might actually be “rabid,” but I don’t know.

While Robert Greenblatt did give the awesome news that “Community” will finish out the season in the spring (yayyy!), but isn’t promising a renewal for a 4th season, I’m still annoyed that Executives aren’t looking at the other places their fans are viewing their shows.

So “Chuck” fans didn’t show up to watch the end of the show. Number one: you aired it over the holidays. If you expect viewers to watch it during it’s first airing then they may not be around to do it. Holidays = shopping, parties, and generally doing other stuff than watching TV. And number two: maybe those fans all watched on your website. Or maybe they purchased it through iTunes, Amazon, or somewhere else. Maybe they DVR’d it (although sometimes those numbers get included into the ratings).

Look, I get that “Chuck” was probably costing more money to produce than it was bringing it. It clearly hasn’t been a runaway hit that I’m sure the network wanted. But, how much longer do we have to wait for Executives like Greenblatt to take notice of the other places their viewers are.

I refuse to feel guilty for not contributing to watching “Community” as it airs if it’s lack of viewership that cancels the show. NBC was still getting my money (first through Amazon and now through HuluPlus).

Joel McHale knows what’s up

JOEL McHALE: Our ratings jump when you see the TiVo numbers, but the problem is that our audience is very young, and nobody views television [live] anymore. They watch online. There is no way to monetize that yet, other than iTunes. And you can watch [Community] on Hulu. Our catch-22 is that we know we have a lot of fans, because they’re all over the Internet. But young people don’t go, “Oh, my show’s on, see you!” No one runs home to watch television. Just keep the chatter going.

He was quoted saying this at the SAG Foundation Actor’s Center last Sunday. The article posted on EW is well worth a read for some of the “Community” stars relating disastrous auditions from the past.

He’s right on the money though. Younger people don’t work their schedules around their shows anymore. They’re far too accessible in other ways including TiVo for those with cable subscriptions and Hulu for anyone that can’t TiVo. Several actors agree that watching the show on Hulu may help show that people are watching. Maybe even go out and buy the DVD for yourself or as a gift this holiday season! We own the two seasons that are on DVD in our house and we’ll buy season 3 when it comes out even though we’ll also have a digital copy available via Amazon.

Yes, I love the show THAT much.

Save Greendale, part 2

I realized last night as I was watching the latest “Community” episode that I always have a huge smile on my face when watching this show. Last night’s episode (where they parodied “Glee” so perfectly) was no exception.

Haven’t seen “Community” yet? Afraid you won’t get it when you do try to watch? Good news! You can catch up on Hulu!! While practically everything is on hiatus for the winter this would be the perfect time to catch up…and then start Tweeting #savegreendale to send the message that no one wants this show cancelled except for the stupid suits at NBC!

I mean…c’mon! Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) raps in this episode!