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Save “Community”

I look forward to Friday evenings because not only is that usually the kick off to my weekend, but I get to watch some good TV. What people with cable watch on Thursday nights is what I watch on Friday. That includes “Community” which I have to pay for separately through Amazon in order to watch it on my TV.

“Community”, like “Parks and Rec” and “Modern Family” is a feel good show for me. There are occasionally serious moments built into certain episodes, or the season as a whole, but it still makes me laugh genuine laughs. The characters are interesting, and the humor is smart. I just do not understand why it doesn’t appeal to more people.

Maybe it’s a generational thing? My in-laws have watched it, but totally didn’t care for it. My mom has never watched it. It could be that the jokes just go over some people’s heads because they happen to be very pop-culture oriented (which is another reason I love it), and if you don’t get the reference you might not get the show.

In the Fall 2011 rankings, “Community” comes in at number 68. The next NBC show on the list has been cancelled (“The Playboy Club”) and the one after that, “Prime Suspect” is also on the chopping block.

With the news that “Community” is being pulled mid-season and replaced with “30 Rock” a lot of fans, including myself, are getting nervous. All 22 episodes of this season has been guaranteed, but what about next season? I’m so not ready to see the end of this show!

I don’t have Twitter, but if you do and want to speak up, I believe the hashtag is #savegreendale.